Harlequin Sign


Harlequin Sign

Harlequin Sign – recurrent episodes of asymmetrical skin color, last 1-20 minutes

Harlequin color change is a cutaneous condition seen in newborn babies characterized by momentary red color changes of half the child, sharply demarcated at the body’s midline.


[1] Reference:

New State Board Examination 3rd Edition – Appleton and Lange’s Review of Nursing



The Circulatory System Couture


Designer:Veejay Floresca Photography: Eric Alessi Model: Alisa of Elite Models Make up Pong Niu


Veejay Floresca created this epitome of circulatory system as one of the finalist of Mega Young Designers Competition 2006. He has been known to create edgy designs in Project Runway Philippines Season 1 and became the 3rd Place winner. He continues to hone his craft internationally and grab the Grand Prize Winner of LA Fashion Week Design Competition 2014 in Los Angeles, California. Today he designs wedding couture and interprets the different provinces of the Philippines in his Madore Collection.

How Gateway Control Theory relieves My Lady B


Evelyn (Marian Rivera) who’s well known for being strict has to hire an employee for her department. She has to choose from the guy a who took her coffee Zack (Richard Gutierez) and inexperienced but knows his strengths or the guy with an MBA degree and has years of experience. Apparently her boss likes to be with people who has pleasing  personality and so she chooses Richard. They didn’t have a good start but as soon as Richard proved he was worthy to be hired, they got along together. Richard has helped her create a healthier perspective and distraction from her competitor.

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Zach has to relax her and release her back pain by a form of cutaneous stimulation (massage). By doing this he stimulates the fibers that transmits the nonpainful sensation and blocks the transmission of nerve impulse that bring about pain.

This is an example of Gate Control Theory. This theory proposes that stimulation of the skin evokes nerve impulses that are then transmitted by three systems located in the spinal cord.

  • substantia gelatinosa in the dorsal horn
  • dorsal column fibers
  • central transmission cells

large diameter fibers – inhibits the pain

small fibers – opens the gateway to pain

This theory proposes a specialized system of large – diameter fibers that activate selective cognitive processes via modulating properties of the spinal gate.







Pursuit of Happiness


Chris Gardner has invested his earnings in a bone density scanner. Although it was a challenge for him to sell the bone density scanner,  being able to sell a piece of it was a worth of their grocery list. It was one of his bread and butter to survive while he was still training as a stockbroker.

Bone Density Scan

Arrow Season 3 Episode 3 


Thea came to Malcolm so that he could train her to be stronger. One of Malcom’s training was to withstand the pain against the hot melted wax. This procedure is similar to paraffin wax which relieves pain in arthritis around the hands or wrist. Paraffin wax also softens the skin.


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Final Destination 3 PUVA

Copyrights to New Line Cinema

Ashley and her friend is linked to the roller coaster ride and their in line for their final destination. They both love tanning but since they can’t go to the beach since it’s raining they decided to tan at the PUVA room. Ashley did not throw her drink and brought it to the tanning room. She turned on the music on top of the shelve. Little did she know, the drink will spill on the electric box connected to the PUVA and the shelve will trap them. Ashley and her friend got burned from tanning with PUVA and died.




PUVA treatment for Psoriasis.

Everything About Her 

Multiple Myoma

Multiple myeloma.


It is a type of cancer that starts in the plasma cells of the bone marrow.


It makes the bone weak and break easily.


That simple hip fracture we operated on


was actually the cancer slowly eating away at your bones


without you showing any of the symptoms.


The survival rate,


I could say is around 29 months


or a little over two years.


We can still do chemotheraphy, radiation theraphy,


stem cell transplants,


bone marrow transplant.


You need to prepare your body for all these treatments.


Chemotherapy, surgery. Do it all.

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