Devil Wears Prada Prevents Colds

                                   In a busy world like Andrea Sachs prevention of diseases such as the colds, rhinitis and influenza  is a must. 

  • Common colds are obtained by direct contact with contaminated secretions, or inhaling particles from a person who sneezes or coughs or the particles that remained in the air. To protect self from transmission of organism one must wash hands frequently or use alcogel/antibacterial wipes for disinfection.
  • The virus or bacteria may be retained in fabrics so use disposable tissue.
  •             Try to avoid walking in the crowd during peak season of flu.

  • If walking in the crowd is unavoidable, obtain an influenza vaccine from your health care provider.

  • Boost your immune system by eating nutritious food and take Vitamin C like Fern C. 

Vitamin C strengthens immunity by forming an antibody protection. It rapidly heals the wound through collagen formation and promotes capillary formation and tissue synthesis. 

Fern C is non – acidic and the only Quali C Vitamin C made from Europe. Fern C may be taken 1-2 capsule a day with or without meals. Take 3-4 capsule or dissolve it in water for colds.

  • Exercise increases ventilation and stimulates breathing by activating the proprioreceptors in the muscles and joints.

  • Have enough quality  sleep. During sleep the body allows repair via protein synthesis. Sleep restores vital energy and balance in the nervous system.

  • The odor and taste of a viscuous sputum from cough and colds reduces the appetite of a person. Oral hygiene and drinking citric juices cleanses the sputum taste thereby increasing the palatability of the food.

  • A poncho will keep you warm in the winter while a humidifier keeps the mucous membrane from drying and  irritated.

  • Smoking impairs the bronchial damage by interfering with ciliary action and increases bronchial secretions. If unprevented it will continue the inflammation and hyperplasia of the mucous membrane. This will also reduce the surfactant production that causes pleural friction rub.
  • If the cold is associated with allergic rhinitis identify the allergen and avoid exposure to irritants like dust, chemical, tobacco  smoke or animals. Non allergic rhinitis are due to temparature change, humidity, infection, food, odors and etc.
  • For soothing the sore throat gargle with salt water.
  • Drink plenty of water or hot liquids to reduce the viscous secretion. 
  • Cough and colds may lead to infection and is encourage to seek the doctor if symptoms persist for more than 7- 10 days or if the following signs exist:
  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • Fever for more than 2 days
  • Difficulty of breathing or wheezing
  • Severe pain or tenderness around the eyes or persistent pain in sunus area. 
  • Extreme red throat or white patches on the back of the throat
  • Discolored drainage or foul-smelling drainage nasal discharge
  • Severe headache

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