How Gateway Control Theory relieves My Lady B


Evelyn (Marian Rivera) who’s well known for being strict has to hire an employee for her department. She has to choose from the guy a who took her coffee Zack (Richard Gutierez) and inexperienced but knows his strengths or the guy with an MBA degree and has years of experience. Apparently her boss likes to be with people who has pleasing ┬ápersonality and so she chooses Richard. They didn’t have a good start but as soon as Richard proved he was worthy to be hired, they got along together. Richard has helped her create a healthier perspective and distraction from her competitor.

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Zach has to relax her and release her back pain by a form of cutaneous stimulation (massage). By doing this he stimulates the fibers that transmits the nonpainful sensation and blocks the transmission of nerve impulse that bring about pain.

This is an example of Gate Control Theory. This theory proposes that stimulation of the skin evokes nerve impulses that are then transmitted by three systems located in the spinal cord.

  • substantia gelatinosa in the dorsal horn
  • dorsal column fibers
  • central transmission cells

large diameter fibers – inhibits the pain

small fibers – opens the gateway to pain

This theory proposes a specialized system of large – diameter fibers that activate selective cognitive processes via modulating properties of the spinal gate.








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