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Ponponpon Brain



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  • Personality
  • Behavior
  • Motor Function
  • Broca’s Area (Speech)
  • Concentration
  • Abstract Thoughts
  • information storage/ memory
  • affect
  • judgement
  • inhibitions




  • Sensation
  • Awareness of body parts
  • Orientation in Space
  • Spatial Relationship
  • relays the interpretation of information to the thalamus and other cortical areas



  • Hearing
  • Taste
  • smell
  • Wernicke’s area (receptive speech center)
  • Interpretative area (somatization, visual, auditory area)




  • Vision



  • Coordination of group muscle
  • balance


Brain Stem,Midbrain

  • cardiac
  • vasomotor

 Pons and Medulla 

  • Respiratory Center



  • Interpretation of sensation



  • Temperature control
  • water metabolism
  • control of hormonal sensation
  • heart rate
  • peristalsis
  • appetite control
  • thirst center
  • sleep-wake cycle






How Gateway Control Theory relieves My Lady B


Evelyn (Marian Rivera) who’s well known for being strict has to hire an employee for her department. She has to choose from the guy a who took her coffee Zack (Richard Gutierez) and inexperienced but knows his strengths or the guy with an MBA degree and has years of experience. Apparently her boss likes to be with people who has pleasing  personality and so she chooses Richard. They didn’t have a good start but as soon as Richard proved he was worthy to be hired, they got along together. Richard has helped her create a healthier perspective and distraction from her competitor.

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Zach has to relax her and release her back pain by a form of cutaneous stimulation (massage). By doing this he stimulates the fibers that transmits the nonpainful sensation and blocks the transmission of nerve impulse that bring about pain.

This is an example of Gate Control Theory. This theory proposes that stimulation of the skin evokes nerve impulses that are then transmitted by three systems located in the spinal cord.

  • substantia gelatinosa in the dorsal horn
  • dorsal column fibers
  • central transmission cells

large diameter fibers – inhibits the pain

small fibers – opens the gateway to pain

This theory proposes a specialized system of large – diameter fibers that activate selective cognitive processes via modulating properties of the spinal gate.







Big Hero 6

Tadashi brought Hiro at the nerve lab to meet his friends Gogo, Wasabi, Honey Lemon and Fred. Hiro is also a nerd and was amazed at the inventions that they made. When it was Tadashi’s turn to demontrate his work he inflicted a mechanical pain at Hiro with a duct tape. As soon as the nociceptors (pain receptors) recognize the noxious stimuli (scratch of the duct tape) located at the skin, it immediately creates an electrical stimuli by changing the negative ions to positive (depolarization). The first order neuron conducts the message by passing through the delta a fibers ( its myelinated so nerve impulse can travel fast) and goes at the posterior portion of the spinal cord which is the dorsal horn. First order neurons transmits the message at the synapses with the release of the glutamate to the second order neuron. Second order neuron goes up (ascending pathway) and passess through the spinothalamic tract. The thalamus in the brain perceives or recognizes the nerve impulse “Hiro, you have a nerve impulse and you have to feel pain.” Meanwhile the somatosensory cortex (it locates the pain) in the brain says, “Hiro, watch out the nerve impulse is in the forearm of your skin. Pain!” Then finally the limbic (emotion) tells Hiro, “Never ever get your forearm scratch again with a duct tape!” The lower or midportion of the brain can produce a natural (endogenous) way of stopping the pain. The  periaqueductal gray matter stimulates endorphin to prevent pain from recurring.


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Before the scratch of the duct tape
After the scratch of the duct tape:


Hiro: “ahwwwww” Tadashi’s invention activated
Tadashi envisions baymax, as a robotic nurse that would help a lot of people.
Baymax: Hello! I am Baymax your personal healthcare companion. I was alerted for medical attention when you said “ahww”.
Baymax: On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate ypain?


Visual Analog Scale

The pain pathway describe above was an example of acute pain.

Before giving medications check for allergies.

Baymax: You have a slight epidermal abrassion on your forearm. i suggest an antibacterial spray.
Baymax: You are nut allergic to Bacitracin. You are allergic to peanuts.

Here is an additional information from

If I Stay 


 Her Glascow Coma Scale was 7



Patient Responds to: 

4 – Simultaneously

3 –  Speech

2 -Pain Response

1 – No Response


5- Oriented

4- Comprehends Confused

3- Inappropriate Response

2- Incomprehensible Sound

1 – No Response

6 – Obeys command

5 – Localize Pain

4 – Flexion Withdrawal

3 – Flexion Abnormal

2 – Extension

1 – No response

Arrow Season 3 Episode 3 


Thea came to Malcolm so that he could train her to be stronger. One of Malcom’s training was to withstand the pain against the hot melted wax. This procedure is similar to paraffin wax which relieves pain in arthritis around the hands or wrist. Paraffin wax also softens the skin.


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