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Wild Child


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Emma Roberts father will send her to Abbey Mount school and she will do everything to go back in California. She brought her clothes, shoes and other things but got soaked up in the rain when she left it outside. Good thing her electrical gadgets including her facial laser was safe.


UVB lights and Excimer lasers treats Psoriasis and Vitiligo


Final Destination 3 PUVA

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Ashley and her friend is linked to the roller coaster ride and their in line for their final destination. They both love tanning but since they can’t go to the beach since it’s raining they decided to tan at the PUVA room. Ashley did not throw her drink and brought it to the tanning room. She turned on the music on top of the shelve. Little did she know, the drink will spill on the electric box connected to the PUVA and the shelve will trap them. Ashley and her friend got burned from tanning with PUVA and died.




PUVA treatment for Psoriasis.

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