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Alex Fletcher (Hugh Grant) is a singer song writer who was offered to write a song for Cora Corman (Haley Bennet). Cora was known for her pop music and dance and was requesting for a song about people trying to move on with their lives. While Alex was eager to write the new song he noticed that Sophie Fischer (Drew Barrymore) who visits his place by day,  can make lyrics and turns out that she was also a writer. Both of them spent their time working on the lyrics and getting to know each other. In the midst of their dinner celebration Sophie was astounded to see his former lover. Alex talked her into confronting the guy and she felt a bit anxious.

 I think I’m having coronary artery blockage….. shortness of breath… blurry vision……

Stress or emotions can trigger or precipitate cardiac diseases such as angina pectoris (chest pain ) or coronary artery  disease by releasing adrenaline hormones, increasing the blood pressure and heart rate thereby increasing cardiac workload.

Way Back Into Love


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