Everything About Her

VTACH! VTACH! Code blue!


VTACH on ICU Suite 3

I saw my patient on VTACH with no pulse


then I called for Cold Blue.


Okay, I’m calling this. I’m the team leader.


Patient on pulseless VTACH.


I’m going to defibrillate the patient at 200 joules.


Give epi one milligram IV every 3 minutes.


Epi given.


1 minute for next rhythm check. Standby next compression.


Charging 200 joules.


I’m going to shock on three.

One, I’m clear.
Two, you’re clear.


Three, everybody clear?


I’m Doc Raymond and I’m going to run the code now.


Go ahead and intubate the patient.


Go ahead and intubate the patient.


Two minutes CPR completed.


Pulse compression.


Cap, I need to switch.


Switching on three.

One, two three.
Come on, come on! You can do it!
Do not go to the light! Rhythm check.

I have a pulse.


Sinus Tach with pulse.

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