Intramuscular Injection as the Huntress Returns

The Arrow: Season 1 Episode 17 The Huntress Returns Online

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Thea brought Roy at the hospital, who was wounded after saving her life from the goons. Roy was kept in a private room and his identity has been verified by the health care provider.

  • The health care provider practices aseptic technique by handwashing and wearing gloves prior to wound cleaning.

  • Roy’s wound has to be stitched up and injected with anesthesia.

  • The health care provider prepares the medication and observes twelve rights of medication.
  • Roy remains on a semi fowler position for his intramuscular injection.

  •  However, he’s a bit frightened at the sight of the needle.

  • The provider inverts the syringe needle uppermost and expel all excess air.
  • Purpose of the medication will be explained to ensure compliance and acceptance of treatment.
  • There is a proper setting of expecation.
Doctor: “Ok, This will sting a bit.”
  • The location for the site of injection is at the deltoid muscle. Roy’s arm is free of lesion, swelling, tenderness or inflammation.
  • Still wearing the clean gloves, the doctor observes aseptic technique by cleaning the site with an antiseptic swab.
  • Starting from the center, cleaning the part outward in a circular motion at about 5 cm (2 in).

  • The provider removes the cap needle holds the syringe in between the thumb and forefinger.
  • He injects the needle in a 90 degree angle while Thea assist him by distracting Roy.
  • The doctor pulls back the barrel  of the syringe to aspirate within 5 seconds and check if there’s a blood. (Presence of blood indicates a blood vessel and the syringe must be removed immediately. )
  • In the abscence of blood, inject the medication steadily and slowly (at about 10 seconds per milliliter) to provide comfort, tissue expansion and starts the medication absorption.
  •  Allow 10 seconds of medication distribution into the muscle to avoid discomfort.
  • Remove the needle at a 90 degree angle. Pressure is applied at the injection site without massaging it to prevent discomfort and tissue irritation.
  • Cover with sterile gauze in case of bleeding.
  • Discard the needle, gloves and observe proper handwashing.
  • Document the time of administration, drug name, dose, route and site irritation ( redness, swelling or pain).
  • Observe for desired effects (pain or vomting) and side effects.
  • Check if the medication was effective at the onset of action.

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