10 Herbal Medicine with Muro Ami


The ship will sail again, and their main goal was to survive and bring a better future for their family. Fredo has lead the children and adult reef hunters for several years and has thought them to be strong and disciplined. Despite of his condition he will continue to struggle with the sea until he achieve his dream for himself and for everyone.

Fredo seeks the treatment of a traditional healer called the “albularyo” with a natural herbs patched on his back.

Ten Herbal Medicine in the Philippines recommended by the DOH

  1. Lagundi (Vitrex Negundo)

Preparation for asthma, cough, dysentery, colds, pain and influenza

  • Select leaves that are in bloom and ripe fruits.
  • Boil them together with two glasses of water for 15 minutes or until the water dissolves into a glass of decoction.
  • Strain and give a dosage of 4 tbsp with dried leaves and  6 tbsp with fresh leaves for adults.

Preparation for skin diseases (dermatitis, eczema, scabies, ulcer and dermatitis:

  •  Apply the decoction on the affected part.

Preparation for pain (headache, rheumatism, sprain, contusions and insect bites):

  •  Crush or pound the leaves and patched it directly on the part with pain.
  •   Add the crushed leaves in a warm water for bathing.
Philippine Herbal Medicine Yerba Buena


2.   Yerba Buena, Hierba Buena (Mentha Cordifelia)

  •    For pain (headache, stomach ache, rheumatism, and arthritis) or pruritus follow the same prepation for decoction or apply the pounded leaves with eucalyptus directly on to the affected parts.
  •     Tea preparation as an expectorant for cough and colds and a relief for menstrual and gastric pain. Boil ten leaves with a glass of water then serve.
  •      Used as a mouthwash for swollen gums.
  •      A pain reliever for toothache after rinsing with 5 grams of salt with warm glass of water. Squueze the plant and gather the sap with a cotton and place it on the tooth.
  •      Make a scent for nausea and fainting by grinding the leaves and putting it on fromt of the nose or use it as a paste for insect bites.
Medicinal Health Guide Sambong


3.      Sambong (Blumea balsamifera)

  •      Same decoction preparation and dosage for adults with edema, urolithiasis and urinary retention given three times a day.
pinoy herbal medicine tsaang gubat


4.     Tsaang Gubat (Carmona retusa)

  •      Same decoction for adult patients with diarrhea and stomach ache. Give 10 tbsp in dried leaves and 12 tbsp in fresh leaves. Drink four times every three hours
Medical Health Guide Niyog Niyogan


5.     Niyog – niyogan (Quisqualis Indican L.)

  •      The seeds are given for patients who needs to eliminate round worms from their digestive system. Doasage given to adults are 8-10 seeds 2 hours after meals. Contraindicated for childrens 4 years old and below.
Wikipedia Guava


6.      Bayabas/ Guava (Psidium guajava L.)

  •       The decoction of bayabas or guavas may be use to relieve toothache, diarrhea or wounds

7.      Akapulko (Cassia, alata L)

  •        Use as a soap after crusing the leaves for ringworm, tinea flava, fungi, athletes foot and scabies
Medical Health Guide


8.      Ulasimang-Bato (Peperonia pellucida)/ Pansit pansitan

  •         Make decoction to decrease uric acid in gouthy arthritis or rheumatism.
Bawang Garlic


9.       Bawang

  •          Grinded garlic can treat toothache by placing it to the aching tooth.
  •           Relieves hypertension if eaten with meals or after meals, after roasting or cooked with water 30 minutes.

10.      Ampalaya

  •            Decoction can treat by lowering the blood sugar levels in diabetes mellitus.

1. Public health nursing in the Philippines. [Manila]: National League of Philippine Government Nurses; 2007.


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