Miss Congeniality

Miss Congeniality Gracie Heart (Sandra Bullock) and Eric Matthews ( Benjamin Bratt ) are FBI agents headed by Harrie Mc Donald ( Ernie Hudson ). They are on an undercover mission while the russian man makes his transaction at a diner. After being caught in the act the russian man got choked while eating.

At first they thought it was just a mild obstruction and he would be able to cough it out.

Then Gracie noticed that the russian man was turning purple and he looks like he was having diffulty breathing.

Sandra couldn’t stand seeing the culprit dying so she immediately grab the guy.

She stands behind the russian man and immediately fist her one hand at the culprits abdomen and secured it with her other hand.

She made a tight upward thrust repeatedly until the russian man was relieved from choking and was able to breathe normally.

Gracie had just performed the heimlich maneuver also known as abdominal thrust and was able to recover the man and caught him.

  • Abdominal thrust or heimlich maneuver cannot be performed for pregnant women and obese. Instead, chest thrust is the action.
  • For patients who have fainted or loss consciousness while choking try to open the patients mouth and check for a foreign object. If the foreign object is visible gently swift it upward wih your finger. Patients with unseen object and does not speak or give any response, try to start cpr.



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