Silver Lining explains Bipolar

Silver Lining explains Bipolar 

It’s a 2012 movie about a Bipolar patient who was trying to recover himself from pain.

Silver Lining 1  Pat is played by Bradley Cooper who was a bipolar patient and he was brought to the mental hospital after killing his wife’s lover.

Families who are living with Bipolar patients can promote safety by removing sharp objects and other materials that a victim could use when they are extremely angry or depress. 

Silver Lining 2


During his stay in the hospital he keeps himself positive and physically fit. His main goal was to achieve excelsior.

Silver Lining 9

After eight months Pat’s mother made an arrangement with the court for his discharge. Although his physician does not approve of the courts decision, Pat was release  with a 500 meter restraint order from the court.

Silver Lining 10

The physician made sure that Pat’s mother has signed on a written agreement for his release.

A bipolar person displays a change of moods in a short time.

Silver Lining 13 Bipolar Symptoms book

Pat felt happy when he went out of the hospital and borrowed books from the library to reinvent himself for his wife. He showed a feeling of euphoria or elation.

Silver Lining 14 Bipolar Symptoms book

Bipolar patients are easily irritated and depress when they are triggered by an unpleasant things, places or events.

After reading the whole book Pat was disappointed at the ending of the story and became angry. He showed an unpleasant feeling or dysphoria. 

‘ And whenever his upset he would wake up his parents in the middle of the night to vent out his frustrations. He releases his energy by shouting and talking fast.

Silver Lining 20

The wedding song triggers his anxiety. It frustrates him and he rage out his anger.

Silver Lining 21

Every time Pat hears his wedding song he outrages and throws everything away. Then after awhile he’ll realize that he was causing a mess and apologizes.

The first symptom that you’ll notice in a Bipolar Disorder patient is hyperactivity.

Silver Lining 23 confesses doesnt want to take meds se foggy

Pat explains to his physician how the music triggers his anxiety.

Silver Lining 26 Dr Patel Probing

Doctor Patel listens to Pat and encourages him to drink his medication and informs him that they can lower the dosage when Pat’s condition has improved.

Depending on the patients case, drugs that stabilizes their mood are provided like Lithium. The drug has a metallic taste and can cause minor hand tremors. Hyponatremia (decrease sodium) and coarse hand tremors results when a patient takes more than the allowed dosage. 


silver lining 26

Pat meets Tiffany in a dinner set up by his friend and his wife. Their conversation includes the medications their taking such as Lithium, Seroquel, Trazadone, Levodopa and Xanax.


Tiffany will be there to help Pat achieve excelsior by diverting his attention to dancing. She will help him face the wedding song that triggers his pain and causes him to be violent.

Depending on the doctors advice bipolar patients are normally encourage to stay in an environment that will not trigger their mood shifts. Other activities that would help a Bipolar patients are walks or use a punching bag for displacement of their anger. They are encourage to eat high caloric foods like finger foods. They also need to increase their fluid intake and eat foods with high vitamins. 

(The article is for learning purposes only and patients should seek medical advice from their provider. The photos are taken from the movie Silver Lining.)


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